How does it work?

  • We use wristbands which constitute unlimited game play! Everything is included in one price.

How long can we stay?

  • The purchase of a wristband provides game play for the entire day. From open to close.

What is the age limit?

  • All ages are welcomed at Arcade Monsters.

  • Friday and Saturday we enforce ages 15+ starting at 10 P.M

Can we leave and come back?

  • With purchase of the all-day wristband, yes!

What if a game doesn’t start?

  • If a game is showing no credits don’t worry! We have installed a button underneath the control panel, right by the coin slot. Simply press the button and it will credit the game for you.

How do you start playing?

  • Our games are set to free play which means no tokens or coins. Simply purchase a wristband and walk up and press play on any arcade game.

Do controllers for Console games cost extra?

  • Everything is included, we provide controllers to you for our console games.